Sunday, May 2, 2010


What an eventful day…

I think today I started nesting. I have started nagging N to finish the nursery. I have given him a time limit so we can assemble the cot and actually get the room in a working order. I also cleaned out our freezer and rearranged it. Cleaning the back room is not a common occurrence but today I cleaned it, paired all the socks and insisted for N to help me clean it enough to have a desk in there to create some sort of order instead of stuff just being everywhere. Maybe nesting is about creating order in life before the baby comes. Wanting to create an environment which will be easier to control as we don't know what to expect. Hmmm just a theory. 

Today was also an emotional day for me, I made pizzas for tea. I had put them on trays on foil in the oven (less cleaning) however they had stuck to the foil. By removing them from the foil made the base fall apart, so I cried, I felt I had ruined tea. At the time I couldn’t understand why I was crying but clearly the hormones had got to me. N hugged me and said it was all ok and that they still tasted good. Which they did. But seems funny now, I cried over tea….!?!

I also found out I am iron deficient which explains why I have been so tired and lethargic, this just means more tablets though. 1 3 times a day with a meal, I have trouble remembering to take my vitamins which also need to be taken with a meal, now I need to remember even more with every meal.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


N and I ended up going on a tour firstly at Box Hill. We arrived a little late which wasn’t too good but pretty much got our own tour around the ward. We mainly had a look at the birthing suite which was reasonably nice with its own kitchen, there was also a shower and toilet and had things to help with pain relief ie, balls and mats. Once the child has popped out you then just go into the maternity ward generally sharing a room with a few other people. It was possible for a water birth if trained staff were on. After going on this tour we still had no idea what we were doing and wernt too impressed, the benefit of us choosing Box Hill is that my besty C works there.

About a week later we went to the Angless for their tour. The tour there was a lot better, a lot more informative which was a relief since N and I still had no idea what we were doing. We firstly went to a room for an information session which gave us an idea about the services available at the hospital. We received an information pack containing a list of their approved GP’s and obstetricians which was handy since we didn’t really have a doctor. 

After our lecture we went up to the birthing suites to have a bit of a look around. In the prenatal suite (after I have the baby) there were still rooms which would have to be shared but there was a possibility of having a single room or a room only one other new mother. In this area N would only be able to stay for so long to visit and therefore go home to sleep. It wasn’t very exciting just looked like a normal hospital ward.

Our group was then taken into the Family Birth Centre (FBC), this is a birthing suite run by mid-wives offering a natural surrounding, similar to a home birth, with little or no intervention. The upside to this is that there is the official birthing suite across the hall if complications did arise during labour. Within the FBC there are only 2 rooms, each room looked very similar to a motel room with beanbags and rubber mats also. Each room had their own bathroom with a spa bath (which had me sold) and N would be able to stay with baby and I the whole time until we would be discharged, generally 24 hours after bubs is born if all is going well.

After seeing the FBC we had a look in the hospitals birthing suite, similar to the prenatal suite it looked a lot like a normal hospital ward however the suites looked nice and comfortable. I was still no over my ‘morning sickness’ and after so much walking a was starting to feel hot, tired and faint. While looking in one of the birthing room I went extremely pale and had to sit down (how embarrassing) with the thought I might pass out, the nurse ran off to get me some ice water to sip on. I started feeling a little better so the nurse kept showing us around again enforcing the lack of funding for public hospitals. Pointing out that there were CD players only in some rooms as some had either been broken or stolen and still not replaced due to the lack of funding. There was the possibility to relax yourself during labour in a bath similar to the FBC however it was only the size of a normal bath which I’m sure would be extremely difficult to get out of once in and in labour, and basically carrying a watermelon in your belly, this concept did not thrill me at all. The nurse showed us a small patient/visitors kitchen which N had to ask the question if he could keep his bourbons in the small fridge, the nurse seemed very unimpressed after telling him the hospital is an alcohol free zone, I just kept sipping on my water pretending we weren't there together (he he he).

At the Angliss these were our two options. N and I hurried out of the birthing suite and went straight to the FBC to book ourselves in. July looked like a very busy month and were therefore booked out already. We were second on the waiting list which the nurse did say we still have a pretty good chance of still getting an actual booking as the pregnancies were still early and people move booking into other hospitals. We left the hospital hoping we would receive a call to book us in and more informed about what was going to happen and what to do now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

What Now...

Well I'm 11 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I have had morning sickness which seems to last all day for about 5 weeks now. It seems to just keep getting worse. My partner (N) is extremely happy about our bun in the oven and goes out of his way to make sure I have everything I need and eating as much as possible. Everything feels up in the air, we havn't been given direction or help, apparently we choose a hospital and everything falls into place? We finally found out last week how far along the baby is, everything seems "normal", bubs heart beats 153 times per minute. Sometime this week we will be going to get a blood test for down-syndrome which they compare the results to our 12 week ultrasound. Last week was actually very productive after N found out from a friend we should have had an ultrasound already. After a few calls and heated discussions we had a doctors appointment at 2.20 (at Lilydale Med Centre) and an ultrasound at 3.15 (at Mitcham Private). Apparently you need a referral for an ultrasound however the doctor does need to see you - the two appointments before to find out this information were not sufficient. We saw the doctor, grabbed our referral and ran arriving at Mitcham hospital in record time with minuets to spare. The gel was actually warm as she pressed down firmly we finally got our first glimpse of our bub. As bubs was quite small (32.0mm) the nurse decided to perform an internal ultrasound to make sure of the length to determine an approx date of arrival. I was not ready for an internal, I had been feeling sick for about 4 weeks at that stage and only just managed to shower let alone anything else however it was fine. Our bubs is due July 22nd amongst my immediate family's birthdays. I ovulated from the left ovary for what ever that means in terms of development, after about 45 minuets it was all over and we had two pictures to take home with us. We at least found out we had to have another ultrasound at 12 weeks to check organs and the likelihood of down-syndrome. At the moment its just dealing with the 'morning' sickness we need to worry about.