Sunday, May 2, 2010


What an eventful day…

I think today I started nesting. I have started nagging N to finish the nursery. I have given him a time limit so we can assemble the cot and actually get the room in a working order. I also cleaned out our freezer and rearranged it. Cleaning the back room is not a common occurrence but today I cleaned it, paired all the socks and insisted for N to help me clean it enough to have a desk in there to create some sort of order instead of stuff just being everywhere. Maybe nesting is about creating order in life before the baby comes. Wanting to create an environment which will be easier to control as we don't know what to expect. Hmmm just a theory. 

Today was also an emotional day for me, I made pizzas for tea. I had put them on trays on foil in the oven (less cleaning) however they had stuck to the foil. By removing them from the foil made the base fall apart, so I cried, I felt I had ruined tea. At the time I couldn’t understand why I was crying but clearly the hormones had got to me. N hugged me and said it was all ok and that they still tasted good. Which they did. But seems funny now, I cried over tea….!?!

I also found out I am iron deficient which explains why I have been so tired and lethargic, this just means more tablets though. 1 3 times a day with a meal, I have trouble remembering to take my vitamins which also need to be taken with a meal, now I need to remember even more with every meal.

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